Aug 15, 2007


A full meeting happened in St Charles, Illinois tonight regarding my mom's house. From 7:20pm CST to 9:15pm, letters were read, comments shared, questions asked, and politicians plotted.

The Historical Society pushed their recommendation through.

Now it goes before the city council on September 10.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. Please continue as you are able to keep this situation in mind.

One of my relatives who was present said that they walked into the meeting with their votes already in their pocket.

I still have hope, though, for if I recall my pop culture history, that's just what happened in Footloose when Ren McCormack appeared before Reverend Shaw Moore about the prom. Then the kickin' soundtrack faded in with a bass line and everyone started breakdancing (because, as we all know, all teenagers from movies in the 1980's are professional dancers).

Anyone know Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less?

I'll even take Kenny Loggins if you got him.


stephanie said...

Thanks for the update. I hope it all works out for her.

I do have 6 degrees... but it's a bit of a stretch.

I was friends with a girl in college, Steffany Vandeveer, who is a first cousin to Martina McBride. Martina sang the theme song to Runaway Bride (I Love You), which stared Julia Roberts, who was in the movie Flatliners with...

Kevin Bacon.

irreverend fox said...

bro...I'll keep praying...and keep everyone posted...

"One of my relatives who was present said that they walked into the meeting with their votes already in their pocket."

I guarantee that is the doubt about it.

"Politics" and government philosophy is all boring and "divisive" and whatever...until bs like this starts to happen and then all of a sudden the pieces come together and policies and philosophy of governing gets real "real"...policy and philosophy DOES matter and we should pay attention...we should be informed…we should have an opinion…because REAL people (like your mom in this case) are the ones effected.

Politics MATTER because the end way or the other...effect REAL people...let this case be an object lesson for all your dozens of readers…

I know this might shock you…but I think our founders were darn near inspired…they were all geniuses…and they’d flip out if they knew how socialism would take hold of our nation…they never envisioned this…

Tony Myles said...

Stephanie - let me know what you can do. I have a PA and can pump up the soundtrack. Maybe we can get someone with a mat for all the breakdancing.

Gary - I'm confident you're right that the slant was already in place as it was. That's one of the reasons I shook every news/TV tree so that this would be covered in a legit way. Usually these meetings take about 20 minutes a house. The support that came out for my mom was in many ways media driven... and I hope/pray continues the next time around.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I know Kenny Loggins in one degree, he performed a private concert for me and some friends AND I met him when he was horseback riding in Lake Tahoe. I know Kevin Bacon via that same Kenny Loggins concert because Kenny was playing "Footloose" live for the very first time and that was a movie that Kevin starred in.

Tony Myles said...

Cool, Barbara... put the word in, eh?