Aug 16, 2007

look at my sister go!

That's my sister... uh huh!!!!

Read more here (and a slightly more mechanical version of the story here)


Guy C. said...

Hi Tony -

It was great to see so many people at the meeting last night supporting your mom, many of whom she didn't even know. Your great letter was read into the record as well as many other e-mails and letters including my own. Unfortunately, the commission members already had their minds made up and were not swayed in the least by the public comments. One even stated that his "job" was to just look at the facts and determine if the house met their qualifications for landmark status. While acknowledging your mom's financial/emotional plight, they actually came right out and said that that didn't matter. We need to keep up the fight. Next I think we need to start writing to the two IL US Senators and the congressman. Don't expect much from them, but we need to keep making noise. The local politicos don't like negative publicity, and this is getting plenty for St. Charles!
Your cousing Guy

Guy C. said...

U S Congressman is former house speaker Dennis Hastert:

Guy C. said...

The links for Senators Durbin and Obama:

(but frankly I wouldn't expect much from these two ultra liberals -- they believe in big government and government's right to push people around. You'll probably just get back some smarmy form letter from them) You might have better luck with Congressman Hastert.

Tony Myles said...

Thanks, Guy! Great stuff - will do!