Jul 10, 2007

another furniture guy

In the tradition of Sammy Stephens and my phone call to him, perhaps I should look up Mr Norton.

In case you don't know, this is a local guy whose, um... "commercials" I am treated to when I'm up late at night - in heavy rotation usually after midnight. As The Cleveland Scene put it:

"Forget the appearances of knights, pirates, and a smiling hot dog that squirts ketchup on his forehead -- bad shtick is a staple of locally produced commercials. Nor is it his gray ponytail or strangely robotic hand gestures that make them odd. It's Brown's voice that weirds you out -- a high, compressed whisper that sounds like either he's smoked a ton of weed or he's in the midst of being strangled."

Check this out, though - the guy's business cards include his home number. He hands them to everyone, including people who recently left homeless shelters and prisons. "Sure, I get crank calls," he says. "All the time. But it's part of the service. If people have a problem, I want to know about it."

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