Apr 2, 2007

leftovers: the unexpected hero

Yesterday we looked through David's part of God's Story, including the Palm Sunday chapter of Jesus' time on earth. Finally, we ended at the cross and the purpose behind Jesus quoting the first line of Psalm 22 as a way to show us the unexpected way He became our hero.

As a bridge between the two, we took a look at the Rocky movie franchise and how we are drawn to this idea of someone like us who gets the chance to stand toe-to-toe with destiny and go the distance after putting everything on the line in a forward direction. Maybe we identify with it because every one of us has a God-given potential to become a significant part of history and eternity. We know this deep down inside, which is why when we feel we’ve been denied an opportunity in that area it is frustrating and keeps us up late at night.

I showed this video in our service yesterday after emailing the guy who put it on YouTube and asking for a copy for our church. His comment? "That's an odd church group you must have there." Yes... yes we are!

We are all a "million to one shot" - and yet if we realize who we really are created to be and keep plugging away toward our true identity we just might become one of God’s unexpected heroes in a world that has lost its way. When that legitimate need to cannot be met in a legitimate way, we begin to try to meet it in an illegitimate way. Instead of following God’s plan, we become deviant… sinful. One compromise here… then another… then another…

And so we end up in places we don’t want to end up…

  • We end up expressing our anger in a way that has ripples.

  • We end up seeking affection in a way that is half-empty.

  • We end up on a psychiatrist’s couch in a way that is lost.

  • We end up in legal issues in a way that is ironic.

Our true, God-given humanity is blurred when we have no mission bigger than ourselves and God-driven (see Ephesians 2:10).

What is your mission this week?

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. (2 Chronicles 16:9)


Jessica said...

God's a funny God. I just got done with a bible study with a young woman and we just covered finding our purpose in God and wanting to be more - knowing we were made for more but also knowing that God desires obedience in the small things too and what makes someone a success. You hit a lot of we just talked about at and looked at in Eph 2:10

Tony Myles said...

I love how you put this, Jessica! Know that I'll be stealing that byte for the people around me. :)

bigwhitehat said...

My mission changes so much that I wonder if my mission statement should be, "Wing it!"

Anonymous said...

Yeah so I am trying to write that very thing because it has massive implications. Thanks for spreading the word of living out of our God-likeness desires and not taking in less than what God would have has.

I asked this question in a different form in a different place before...

"have we fooled ourselves, as the Chruch today, into thinking that they part-clean water we are drinking is the clean pure water God desires to give us... what WE desire deep down?"