Feb 6, 2007

retro superman - how it should have ended


Tanner Ridge said...

OK... I'm only posting here because I'm feeling sorry for you. I know how much superman (and super hero's) means to you and here is a really cool video you posted and nobody seems to care. 3 days and no responses.

Hope your feelings aren't too hurt :(

(I did like the video by the way and liked others that it is linked to on youtube).

Thanks for the post.

By the way... In my past couple of weeks of time I've spent in reflection, I figured out what I want my Super-Hero-Power to be... and last night I got to use it some... ask me sometime. :)

Tanner Ridge said...

Or then again... maybe Super Hero's aren't suppose to divulge their Super Hero Strength.

Whats the Super Hero Rule Book say on that?

And as far as how I used my Super Hero Strength last night... Captain Obvious should have been able to take care of that problem.
Their were abounch around... but didn't.

bigwhitehat said...

Thanks. I needed that.

Tony Myles said...


Carolanne said...

I would have commented if I came here earlier but have sort of been having a blogging break.
Great video clip! I liked it and so did my 14 yr old son.