Feb 12, 2007

agree/disagree: derek webb

I'm not fully on board with all of Derek Webb's thoughts, but there are some that I absolutely find myself "amening" (if that is even a real word). Here's a slice off of a recent Relevant Magazine interview.

Where I disagree with Derek Webb...

When you visited the RELEVANT offices a while back, you said you align yourself with the Libertarian party. What drew you to that ideology?

I think that the Libertarian party, at this point, represents what I have always believed that the Conservative party was supposed to represent. And that is truly small government—government that basically leaves the governing of morality and some other really hugely important areas to bodies better equipped to govern those areas and really wants to stay out of the lives of the citizens.

I think the federal government has amassed so much power. It was supposed to be a government by the people for the people. This is not the government—I don't believe—that our founding fathers dreamed about. The power has really gotten out of hand. What I like about the Libertarian platform on the whole is that it seems to really want to dismantle some of that structure of power and decentralize it to some extent, and I think that's such a good idea.

Now do I believe that's ever going to happen? No. But I want to see the day coming where we will finally have the government that we were made for and that we ultimately long for, which is our King in our kingdom. It's King Jesus on the throne rightfully pronouncing judgment over all. That's the government we're made for. And while democracy is great, it's not that.

I don't think that having the right guy in the White House is going to solve any problems that we have in the world. I do think we should be participating, and we should be working, holding that man accountable—whoever is there. But I'm not pinning all my hopes on one day the right guy getting in there. I definitely try to be thoughtful about elections, but I'm not losing any sleep over it.
Okay... those last paragraphs were more agreeable than the first two. But here's where I more clearly agree with Derek webb...

For the average person who is passionate about the idea of "Thy kingdom come," what's your suggestion to enact change in cultural thinking about Christ in the Church?

Honestly, I would say discern the way you're gifted. What are your resources? What are your gifts? What are the things you're interested in? And then, discern the ways that your resources and your gifts meet up with the needs of people. It's really as simple as that.

What's going to change the world, and ultimately what's going to usher in the day coming when there will be no more disease, no more war, no more poverty, no more sickness, no more tears is individuals loving individuals in communities. If you really want to make the world a better place, don't go to some voting website and learn the senate voting record of three guys. Walk out your front door and get to know the people in proximity to your house, the two to your left and right and the three across the street from you. Learn what their needs are and see if you've got the gifts or resources to meet those needs.

What's going to change things—really change things—is individuals loving their neighbors, using their gifts and resources to meet the needs of people.
Your thoughts?


Katie said...

hmmm disagreeing on the same points as you (and maybe a little more), BUT I really do agree that this world won't be changed by mandate, laws, or legistlation, but by heart to heart interaction. Jesus gave us the example in that He went to the people (ALL the people) and He lived among them, got to know them, and loved them. That's how people change, that's how we changed.

Tony Myles said...

Isn't that amazing? We have been changed to bring change.