Dec 3, 2006

lessons from a birthday party

So my youngest son turned 3 yesterday.
Per his request, we had a Lightning McQueen party.

Many friends and family members came,
bearing gifts that he was anxious to open.

He really liked getting into the gifts
he'd had his eye on for some time.

Meanwhile, a jury of his peers watched him.

After every present, they would gather around
closer to look at the present, then judge whether
or not it was a cool toy.

Then they'd leave and go back to their seats.
This process repeated after every gift was opened.
Watch. Crowd in. Evaluate. Return.

On one occasion the gift happened
to be buried in packing peanuts... the jury gathered they took my son's cue
and decided to throw them in the air.

It was very festive.

I wonder about those times when we are excited
about something and feel the jury around us.
They press in... ready to pass their judgment.
Their words become our words.
Their feelings become our feelings.

I wonder about those times we we are excited
about something and feel the jury around us.
They press in... read to celebrate our joy.
Our words become their words.
Our feelings become their feelings.

I wonder...
when it's you opening the gift
which do you most feel?

I wonder...
when it's you as the jury
which are you most like?

Who is the loudest voice in your life?

And what difference does that make?


Anonymous said...

Well isn't that just a complex thought?


Suppose it depends on how rooted you are in KNOWING what is good to be celebrated! If what we celebrate is relative to society, we will take on their words...

... but if what we celebrate is absolutely what we know is good and true and flllllippin sweet (the silliness of a superman robe perhaps? Ah, who has time for a robe, ha) then we will celebrate regardless of what the jury says!

Truley if we celebrate what our Father would celebrate us celebrating, wouldn't the great cloud of witnesses celebrate along with us? And how much more those here who are Christians and deeply connected to us?

And have you ever noticed that when you are outside in a robe everyone looks at you like you escaped from an insane asylum?

"Howdy, what are you, uh, doin?"
"Just gettin' the paper"
"Oh, before the monsters do right?" *cheers to trips in the durango*

Tony Myles said...

Hooooootttt Pocket.