Dec 3, 2006

crazy technology

If this is in the future of communication, I wonder how this will affect the way we present the timeless truths of the Bible.

Keep an eye on the way it gets freaky cool toward the end of the guy's presentation.


stephanie said...

That is phenomenal.

Heather said...

I feel so stuck between excitement - how cool is this machine and I want one. But what about the whole everything conforms to us idea? But then again, the interaction, the messy, fun interaction that takes the authority of the Bible and moves our lives into it. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

think of the blogs you could create with that!

derek bethay said...

When he was doing the demo with the photos it reminded me of the device that Tom Cruise used in Minority Report to access data as it pertained to his job as a police officer.

The jump from sci-fi to reality used to be several decades now it is just a few years.

Side note... when I lived in the DC area I was having a conversation with a career military friend of mine, a parent of one of my teens, I asked him, "You know all that stuff in the movies that the military can do like track people with satellites and so on... can the military really do stuff like that?"

His response was, "If you can think it or dream it the government probably already has it."

WOW! I want a light saber!!!