Nov 7, 2006

why i like to vote

My favorite part about voting?

Not the fact that I get to do something tangible out of my prayer life (which, by the way, is how we should vote... not blind party allegience or political ad swaying... but out of our prayer life).

Not the fact that I feel sort of glad to be an American.

Not the fact that I get to pretend I'm taking the ACT again with all the fill-in-the-bubble.

My favorite part about voting?

Seeing smiling senior citizens working the tables. There is something about their energy and spunk on election day that I don't often see among many people in any age group. It's almost like they get to see the fruit of all that they've labored for when people like me come in and cast a ballot.

Maybe that's a glimpse of heaven.

By the way, if you haven't voted yet here is a web site that can help you see where your candidates stand on various issues:


Brian said...

So true! I miss that. In Oregon it is all vote by mail now, which is nice but I do miss the smiling senior citizens!

Amy said...

must be nice to have a voter guide...I have looked everywhere and haven't been able to find an unbiased place to inform myself about the issues/candidates on the Tennessee ballot. Citizen Link, for whatever reason, doesn't have one either :/

momma, poppa & THE boy said...

I love this post!
Can I link it from my site today?

Tony Myles said...

Amy: You may not have a voter's guide, but you do have a state full of Elvis accessories. In the meantime, try (Tennessee is listed)

MP&TB: Always feel free to link!

Katie said...

i like the stickers . . . but then again I like the fiesty poll workers too . . . . and the fact that I get to vote, that I get to speak up and say "Hey this is what I think" and that someone somewhere has to listen to my voice and mark down that this is what I think . . . but the stickers are the best

Rodney Olsen said...

So ... what is it that the senior citizens are doing?

Here in Australia voting is compulsory so we get a much better idea of what the whole community wants.

Tony Myles said...

They not only smile when you come in, but they really seem to get into it. Every step of the process feels like a fun jump and jive dance...

"Hi there, son! Puh-leeeze fill in a form. All I need to know is when you were born... ba da bum."

"Got your sheet filled in there, son? Slide it on over here and let's zip you on... ba da bum."

"Thanks for voting! Can I get your sleeve? Don't forget to feed your sheet before you leave... ba da bum."

A bit exageratted, but you might get the idea.

BarBarA said...

I loved this post!

Yep, I got to see those smiling faces this morning :)

Michael said...

I worked as an election worker for a while and we are excited to see voters because its amazing how many people dont vote. Thats and we get to do something when someone comes in.

Tony Myles said...

I have a hunch you definitely made it out to vote today, bro. :)

Michael said...

Hehehe I had absentee ballot number 3 for the city of Greenville