Nov 8, 2006

a few more names...

According to Howard Dean of the Democratic National Party, one of the reasons his movement took back the House of Representatives was due to capturing 1/3 of the evangelical Christian vote. Interesting... the Democrats even marketed on Christian radio, typically thought of as a Republican playing field. Perhaps the social issues Democrats often care about can one day be merged with the pro-life platform of the Republicans (among other issues on both sides).

While I'm not that pleased with how my local election turned out, I nonetheless recognize the opportunity to pray for my leaders. So in case you needed a few more names in your prayer list, I thought I'd throw out some inspired by recent events in our world.

Pray for:

  • Newly elected politicians
  • Incumbents who don't have a job anymore
  • President George W Bush
  • Pastor Ted Haggard and his family
  • Mel Gibson and other Hollywood Christians
  • The last waiter/waitress/salesperson you didn't see beyond his/her role to serve you
  • Anyone in the media looking for a juicy story (that currently doesn't have one)
  • The poor and the widowed in your own neighborhood
  • That guy about to throw some trash out his car window
  • Children trying to understand why there is sin in the world
  • Adults trying to understand the same thing


The Cubicle Reverend said...

I have also noticed how often dems were doing adds on conservative radio stations. I heard they were trying to be more centrist. Think this is true?

Tony Myles said...

I haven't listened to a lot of radio recently, so I couldn't comment with any accuracy. I do know, though, that watching CNN revealed the intentions I mentioned in the original post.

BarBarA said...

Great prayer list. Thanks, Tony.