Nov 29, 2006

smiley face pancakes

Yesterday my five-year old asked if I wanted a "smiley face pancake" for breakfast. Behind him my wife shook her head no, giving me the hint that this would be a very messy creation. I wasn't in the mood anyway for such a big meal, so I thanked him for his idea and said he could get me some cereal instead if he wanted.

He wasn't into that so much... and went to his room.

My wife checked on him and found out that he really wanted to make me a "smiley face pancake" for breakfast.

Only... I'd already started eating my cereal. So guess what I ate for breakfast in addition to my cereal?

Here's a Mr. T version.

Sometimes in life you just need to let other people bless you... and somehow in doing so it brings a smile to more that one face.

Which often is contagious.


Tanner Ridge said...

Guess I left too soon yesterday morning. How come these aren't ready at 5:45am? jk :-)

Anonymous said...

mr. t is always a part of my treasured memories too.