Nov 29, 2006

ps3 or 3ps

I know a guy who waited in line for a new Nintendo Wii… much like many of people who were passionate about the new PS3. He got in line at 6:00am the day before it went on sale and was allowed into Best Buy at 9:00am the next day... using his cell phone to order pizza whenever he was hungry. Nice dedication, Ryan!

Speaking of which, if you're in the market for a PS3 on eBay, make sure that you're bidding on a PlayStation 3, not three PlayStations. Check out this person who tried to get a deal and was taken for $900.



The Cubicle Reverend said...

I have several friends who work for video game stores and each and every one of them says it's a piece of junk.

Tony Myles said...

Are you trying to say the public at large has been deceived by clever marketing?

Never saw that one coming.