Jul 9, 2006

where the sidewalk ends

The other day the boys and I were on "an adventure" and found a dead butterfly on the sidewalk. We stared at it for a long while.

There it was - perfectly preserved in all it's glory, and yet absolutely dead. Occasionally the wind would make it's wings flip from one side to the other, but that was it.


which of these two pictures best represents you these days?

And why?


Katie said...

are you asking if we're the dead butterfly being inspected by curious kids or the dead butterfly just lying there "dead"?

kaitie t. said...

I'm a little bit of both. I'm trying hard not to be the dead butterfly, to let the wind do more than just flutter my wings. But there are also dead butterflies all around me that I just sit and watch. I guess this is because I am taking the easy, most traveled route in life. I'm just putting on my "perfectly preserved" face and watching others do the same. We are all hoping that no one will notice how dead we are inside.

Tony Myles said...

Katie - read it however you'd like. :) What I meant, though, was are you the observers of a dead butterfly or the actual dead butterfly yourself?

Katie T - good insight. There often is death inside although the outside appears colorful.

thatcoffeeguy said...

I feel like a kid looking at the butterfly. Walking along the sidewalk, minding my own business, admiring the beautiful day. La, la-la, la-lah. Oh look a butterfly! Wait it's dead? How can that be; it's so colorful and its wings are moving.

Except I'm not a kid, I'm a minister. And it's not a butterfly, it's the church.

Katie said...

ha i guess i looked at it as this:

when my time comes and my life ends will what I did or who I was be worth examining, will people stop and wonder about it, reflect on it, and may it spur someone else on in their life

or will i be the lonely butterfly that was just as beautiful as the rest but in the end lived a life that caused noone to stop and take notice of it

Yep, so my train of thought was pretty much on a whole other set of tracks

Tony Myles said...

Well... at least a few people stopped and looked at the lonely butterfly.

Perhaps one of them was Jesus.

(By the way... this thought is directed to the last TWO responses)