Jul 31, 2006

something i recently overheard...

At a local eatery, I happened to hear some teenagers chatting away at a nearby table. I love the energy in these groups, not to mention some of the absurd dialogue that often goes along with it.
Teen girl: Tara's going to invent a new kind of drug that's going to help people who are sick, and I'm going to be the one who markets it, and then we're going to be rich.

Teen guy: Can I like be the baby who gets the first dose and all the fame?


Anonymous said...

everybody wins... what a great story. go teens go.

Kristi said...

geez... how typically "teen-ish"!

Stephanie said...

ummm... what?! hahahaha!!! Teens are hilarious!!

By the way... spam for you. Sorry! :)


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