Apr 25, 2006

this has to be a sermon illustration

Now for something totally unrelated...

With all the violence on TV and in the movies these days, there's a never-ending demand for "dead guys" in Hollywood.

Where do they find these bodies? One place to look is DeadBodyGuy.com.

Chuck Lamb of Columbus, Ohio has set up a Web site showing photos of himself pretending to be dead. He hopes casting agents will notice. In one shot, he's slumped over a table, oozing fake blood. In another, he pretends to be crushed under his garage door. Lamb says he can "lay around with the best of them." And if you don't believe him, he says to ask his wife.

He's even written a top-ten list of why he should be hired. The number-one reason? "No hair on my back!"

Um... yeah.

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stephanie said...

now that is funny!