Apr 27, 2006

moving music

Since we're moving this weekend, I started loading up a couple of boxes of stuff from my closet. I found a couple of records today... stuff I got at a yard sale and forgot about.

First, there's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" music and story. It comes with the complete narrative from the cartoon, especially all the times that Charlie Brown is called "stupid" from his, um... friends.

The one I like the most, though, is "Rocky Fun And Fitness." It even comes with an exercise plan in side so you can look like a short, sweaty boxer/actor.

I miss records... they remind me of a time when people used to really get into music. Like when you'd get a record (yes, a record) and invite all your friends over to hear it... and then your friends would hear it and go out and buy it. No downloads... just musty record stores run by guys who looked like old radio DJs.

Those were the days... even if they did sell cheesy Rocky music.

Gotta go - gotta keep packing!


Friar Tuck said...

where are you moving to

Jon Knapp said...

I think that purgatory would be a perpetually packing to move. ugh. Good luck.

Tony Myles said...

Moving to Portage, Michigan...

and no - I don't think moving would be in Purgatory (if such a place existed). Rather, I think moving your friends would be what Purgatory would be all about. (Then again, my buddies like to serve)

Because for us? Packing and moving is quite liberating.


Michael said...

If you find some Nick Drake records let me know

bigwhitehat said...

I'll bet Stalone doesn't even have that one anymore.