Apr 5, 2006

stirred up by my Savior

I'm at Panera working on the laptop and listening to the new Passion CD. Chris Tomlin has a powerful arrangement of "I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous)" that has me stirred up. I had to stop and just listen through my headphones about the amazing aburdity of a God who loves us even though we rebel. Slow down and pour over each word of this chorus...

How marvelous
How wonderful
And my song
shall ever be

How marvelous
How wonderful
Is my Savior's
love for me

I even started singing out loud at Panera.


Sandra said...

I love that song. As a worship minister, I try with every fiber to bring new life to things we may have sung so many times it becomes "sing-songy" and loses the beauty of the words. To slow down that chorus is chilling...it's amazing to see God breathe new life in things we've done for a life-time and before.

Thanks for bringing that beautiful thought/song to my attention this afternoon.

Tony Myles said...

I like the idea of playing instrumental music while giving people a chance to look at the words before you sing them. The church my wife and kids attends does this often... when I can join them I appreciate the space it gives me to truly worship and not just sing.

Jenn said...

Still to this day, one of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs is "Almost Heaven, West Virginia"...aaahhhh the sweet memories of years gone by.

Wait...is that WEST Virginia or EAST Virginia????


Tony Myles said...


Friar Tuck said...

similar to wondeful cross in concept?

Brian Robertson said...

Hi pick this up due to Kierkegaard.
Like the site.

I have just started.


Joe Sauder said...

Sing it again, Brother! However, that song will grow old and give way to a "New Song" of Moses and the Lamb some day and the new will be so much better that we'll forget all the old songs and hymns.