Apr 24, 2006

non-partisan christianity?

Whether you like him or not, Tony Campolo said it all... check out his time on the Colbert Report.


derek bethay said...

For some reason & i'm not computer savvy enough to figure it out but I can't get this stupid video to play on my computer. Is there somewhere where you can get a transcript of it?

The one thing I remember Tony for the most is that he dropped an F-bomb at IWU when I was there & he made this point that a lot of us were probably more worried that he said the F-word than about people who were starving, etc.

He's never been back to IWU to my knowledge.

Tony Myles said...

Hey Derek -

Try it again, but hold down your CTRL key to disable any pop-up blockers. There are at least two and if you have pop-up blockers it won't work.

Also - check out THIS LINK to hear a transcript of Tony's seminar from the YS NYWC last fall.

Anonymous said...

From time to time, I watch the Daily Show and Colbert.
A couple weeks ago, Stewart had on John McCain calling him out because he was scheduled to give the commencement at Liberty University. McCain invited Stewart to come and sit in between him and Falwell. And Stewart responded something like, "Yeah right, in case of the rapture, you just need someone to pick up everyone's clothes."

I linked this post to my blog. Thanks for putting it up. Our culture needs to understand that Jesus is not American or Republican. So although Campolo is pretty hit or miss for me, he did a good job on the Colbert report.

SocialChange said...

I loved Tony's interview on Colbert....he was funny and at the same time he got his point across....You can hear more of Tony on this site...http://eastern.edu/academic/campolo/inst/tonycampolo.shtml