Apr 24, 2006


Speaking of confessions, this is a public blog allowing anyone to leave an anonymous confessional or voicemail. Perhaps it's a bit scary (considering some of the confessions - so be warned), but for some who are afraid to approach God this just might be a half-step in the right direction.


thatcoffeeguy said...

Ok. So I read "a long confession for today" and smiled. Not at the comment, or at your pain, but at the way God uses moments like this to teach us. If we let Him, God will use situations in our life to shape us and mold us.

Tony, you're human, of course you're going to mess up. I realize the point the man was trying to make to you after the service. However, maybe he can use this opportunity to better understand that pastors are human. Maybe he needs not be so sensitive to remarks that he would tune out God because of a slip of the tongue. I would understand his point if you did it every week with no regard for the hurtfulness of your words. (Don't you just hate the "fishbowl" of ministry)

Here's my confession...

A few years ago "Your momma" was in vogue. And to the amusement of my youth, I picked up the habit of answering almost any question with "Your momma". It was funny! That is until one day. On a summer mission trip to Indiana, far from home and with homesickness hitting everyone hard, a boy asked me a simple question. And without thinking I said "your momma". After which I immediately realized what I had said. You see, this little sixth grade boy's mom had died a few years earlier. And considering everyone's apparent homesickness, it was the worst thing I could have said. I never said "your momma" again.

I'm glad God is okay using imperfect people. Otherwise, I'd have to bury my head in a hole.

Tony Myles said...

Thanks, bro... I know what you mean about loose words. I was into the "your momma" phase a while ago, too. Like you I saw some hard stuff come from my words, not to mention several other bad habits that became contagious.

Isn't it odd how God uses people like us? I mean that in all seriousness... how odd is that?

thatcoffeeguy said...

It boggles the mind. I like this...

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 1 Corinthians 1:27(KJV)

By the way, I have more stories I could confess. I'm glad it's not MANY more, but a few more than I'd like.

Blessing to you in your imperfections!

sergio_101 said...


nice to see that link!

the confessomatic is my idea.. an idea i had while i was half asleep..

i just gave it a makeover.. hopefully it will attract people who are more interested in confession than goofing off with the phone..


Tony Myles said...

Very cool!