Apr 28, 2006

the dharma initiative

A Buddhist buddy of mine has an interesting post on GOOD and EVIL. Check it out, as well as some of his other questions and journey through life when you get a chance.

By the way, I have no problem linking to him... not because I'm "emergent" or "postmodern" but because I'm a Christian and he's a good friend.

Just thought I'd clarify that.


Michael said...

So I didnt know what the Dharma initiative was untill you named this post that, I guess I am living in a cave. thanks for the note, and I also want to say its great to have you comment I really look forward to all of your comments. Thanks again

Joe Sauder said...

You're in good company when you have a large variety of friends! Jesus was friends of all kinds of people. Why is it so hard for us to like people who think differently than we do? I don't say we need to agree with them but certainly we can share our understanding of God's will with them and in so doing contribute to the spreading of the GOOD NEWS!