Mar 17, 2006

two sides of the mall

We went to the mall tonight.

One one side of the mall there was a special display of acquatic stuff, from fish to video games that dealt with water. They also gave out prizes to kids who completed some task that we didn't want to wait in line for. We hung out a bit, then we played in the play area. Lots of other parents and kids were there... this was one side of the mall.

On the other side of the mall there were a lot of people hanging out at "J.J. Finnegans," a local bar and grill (which, incidentally, I worked at when living in the Chicago area many years ago). Among the puffy green hats and green beer, I took note of the patrons who were having a jolly old time getting their face redder and redder. (You ever notice how some people when they become drunk tend to move around like their bodies are immersed in jello? It's not slow-motion, but more like they keep looking at their body as though they bumped into something soft.) Among the many items of clothing was a college-aged fellow with a shirt on that read, "I survived the pancakes at the Golden Corral." Yes... this was the other side of the mall.

To recap...

One side had family-friendly fun, safe activities, and a sterilized playland.

Another side had adult-only merriment, wild beer chugging, and a smoke-induced atmosphere.

I wonder where Jesus was.

Because we usually want him to be where we are instead of asking how we can join him where he is.

St. Patrick's


Bstermyster said...

That could not have been said any better.

kaitie t. said...

guess what, i have a blog...ha! um...yeah i can't figure out what time setting i am...but still...i will get it...oh and i deleted my first post and had to re do it...but yeah! tis sweet!

Friar Tuck said... be honest....

i think Jesus would have spent a little time on both sides of the mall. Especially if there were fun places to jump around and play at the family friendly end of things.

I love your question.

Ian said...

It was Friday after sundown Jesus was probably home celebrating the sabbath.

Tony Myles said...

Or healing people and messing with the paradigm of the Pharisees.

Ian said...

Are you trying to suggest I need healing? I think I'm in pretty good health

Tony Myles said...

No, dude... I'm working on my own wood log before I check out your sawdust speck.