Mar 17, 2006

the other "donald"

New book... new chapter... same old Donald.

Free excerpt to download


a cool article, too.


Friar Tuck said...

I am reading this tonight and am having a hard time putting it down

Crissi said...

Donald Miller has proven to be so awe inspiring in his writings. He offers a refreshing view amongst all the closed-minded fundamentalism that exists out there. Yes, I will be checking out this book!

Amy said...

isn't it funny how people never look like what you expect them to look like? I had never seen Donald Miller--and I didn't necesarily have a picture in my head of what I thought he looked like--but that picture is not anything near what I would have thought he looked like.

I think there's a blog post in that somewhere, Tony. Whaddaya think?

Tony Myles said...

Amy... what do you mean? Are you suggesting that this is Donald Miller???


Friar Tuck said...

dont you know that people expect minor christian celebrities to be young, good looking, thin fashionable guys like yourself...instead of a plus sized gentleman like Donald and myself?

Tony Myles said...