Feb 9, 2006

going crazy

If you're a praying person, please pray for me.

Not only have I been sick for two months (recently diagnosed as bronchitis), but my body is making all kinds of weird aches in places it shouldn't... and it's freaking me out.

Maybe it's stress + busyness + weariness + anxiety + fear.

Starting Tuesday I'll begin my final Masters Class through IWU - only I still have two weeks to the class I'm in. This means two weeks of two classes at once, plus writing a book for SonLife, not to mention a new sermon each week.

Oh yeah, and there's Valentine's Day and my wife's birthday, followed by a birthday for Joshua (our oldest).

Plus parenting... marriage... life... time with God... and looking for a full-time pastoring gig.

Did I mention I need prayer yet?


Melanie Morales said...

I think you diagnosed your causes of your aches and pains accurately! (My dad has a month like this: May - mother's day, mom's birthday, their anniversary, my birthday..)

I'll pray for you.... Get some sleep. Sonlife is an awesome thing - I think that's great you are working on a project for them.

bigwhitehat said...

Already do.

Angele said...

You got it!

Mark D said...

Yes I'll pray for you. I also am fighting away a sickness and posted "good medicine" that works for me over on my blog. Considering your "time to get creative" post, it looks like humor is good medicine for both of us. Hope you feel better soon.