Feb 11, 2006

because you care...

All new episodes of
Justice League Unlimited
are on Cartoon Network
starting tonight (10:30pm EST)


Anonymous said...


The Cubicle Reverend said...

doh! crap I missed it!! I lvoe that show!

Andre Daley said...

I caught it! Yuu gota love the flash. Glad to know there are other JLU fans out there.

Thurman8er said...

Tony, I knew I loved you, I just didn't know why.

My (almost 5-year-old) son and I love curling up together and watching JLU. For the record, HE is Batman, MOMMY is Wonder Woman, and DADDY is The Flash. I can live with that.

(Sidenote: ever read "Supreme" by Alan Moore? Good archetypal stuff. I'm thiiiiiiis close to putting together a Wednesday series based on superheroes. Who says Bible teaching can't be fun?)