Jan 1, 2006

uncovering God...

At our weekend services I shared about how God is constantly at work in our lives and is unfolding a grand story He longs for us to be a part of. Using Abraham as a start and working up to Jesus, we examined how the Christmas story has always been happening and continues each and every day into eternity.

I also laid out a challenge at the end of my message that we might seek to uncover God more fully in 2006. Rather than make a generic proposal or one that was too detailed for the crowd (i.e. "Let's all read through the Bible in a year, starting now"), I suggested following seven practices for the first week of the new year.

I'm doing them starting today, and am sharing them in case you want to play along at home:

Day One
Journal your prayers. Write them or type them out in detail.

Day Two
Intentionally talk about a part of your faith journey with someone who is far from God.

Day Three
Schedule 10 minutes of quietness/stillnesswith God. Invite Him to speak to you during that time, and just be still before Him.

Day Four
Study a word, verse, or short passage that comes out of Jesus’ life and teaching (Matthew, Mark, Luke,or John).

Day Five
“Fast” by using the time you would spend eating a meal to instead skip it and pray for those around you and in the world who are in need.

Day Six
Make a new friend. Don't just get to know their name, but actually begin a new relationship with a stranger or someone you don't know well.

Day Seven
Obey and take action on something God has shown you.

Care to join me?

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Aim Claim said...

What great challenges... Happy 2006!