Jan 1, 2006

a rockin' eve

So did you watch Dick Clark last night? If you did, you probably picked up on some of the struggle he had doing his job in light of his medical condition. He pushed through it, though, and everyone gave him a thumbs up. Dick signed off saying, ”Believe me… this is one night I will never, ever forget.”

Granted, he is the "big guy." The "name" that makes the thing what it is. He has a history with the event, too. "It's just not New Year's Eve without Dick Clark," we'd say.

But come on... let's be honest. Dick was given a lot of grace tonight by everyone, from the co-hosts who complemented to the signs that complimented. I kind of was rather proud of of ABC, New York, and America for that. Letting Mr. Clark be himself, imperfections and all, and do the best job he could... while we cheered him on.

So... how is the local church doing with imperfect people? How are we handling staff when they aren't bleached white superpastors 24/7? Can the addicts and homosexuals sit in the same pew as the judgmental people like me yet? Or are we still working on that one?

Or are we (or can we) be like ABC, too? Just checking... I know Disney owns them and all and I imagine there is currently some boycott we're probably supposed to be participating in about something they're doing wrong... but maybe they got this one right.

Hey - it's a new year, isn't it?

Maybe it's a new day for the church, too.

Maybe it can even start in me.


jeff said...

Very insightful, Tony. You nailed it.

Scott Kaderabek said...

I applaud you on your courage to say the right thing when it may not be popular, especially when it challenges each of us.

Bob Carder said...

I long for that genuine authentic New Testament community often missing in today's church. Let's build a grace-filled community where people are actually loved into the kingdom and not judged into it.