Oct 13, 2005

on the road again

Objects in mirror may be closer than they appearI'm heading off today with a buddy or two to Pittsburg for the National Youth Worker's Convention for the weekend. Outside of meals, God has coordinated this through some friends to be a free deal for me (WHEW!). Please pray for safe travel and for me to lean into (and be able to hear) the voice of the Lord.


josh said...

HEY! I'll be there soon, too.
(and by 'there' i mean 'nashville', and by 'soon' i mean 'november')

I do hope it's a great weekend for you.
(and by 'great' i mean 'great')

ps- buford rolls off the tongue just fine.

August said...

Hey, I like yur Blog. Thanks for checking mine out. Have a blast in Nashville!!! God bLess

-i am not

Marcia said...

Your phrase "lean into" reminded me of how my 10-yr-old will "lean into" his dad--at miscellaneous times in his day just pausing to lean himself up against Dad. Nice image of us and the Father, huh?