Oct 16, 2005

NYWC: quick check in

National Youth Worker's ConventionSo far, so good... God and I are having some great time together this weekend. David Crowder rocked out the last session of the evening and Chris Tomlin is up in the morning. I spent some time talking theology with Tony Jones and a room full of other men and women of God, too, for a late night session. Nothing like rippling your brain before bed.

NOOMAI even got to see the new Nooma stuff last night with my buds.

We leave tomorrow afternoon - please pray (again) for safety and for our last seminar and session moments to be full of hearing from God.

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david said...

looks like we are both up late tonight . . . i just posted and was going to see what Veronica had to say and presto there you were . . . yeah it was great talking to you too . . . praying that you have a safe journey back home . . .