Sep 8, 2005

wrestling with... the different sides of a balanced God.

This is such a crazy tension...

There's God's justice - He must be "just" and allow a choice to have a consequence so that we face what we deserve.

There's God's mercy - He allows us to not alway face the full measure of our choices so that we don't fully face what we deserve.

There's God's grace - He redeems our choices and turns them into something we could never deserve.

Then there's the reality that He is holy and unapproachable - in His holiness He is terrifyingly awesome and beyond our gazes and glimpses.

Not to mention the reality that He is personal and approachable - in His incarnation He is surprisingly tender and tough, close enough to know yet far enough ahead to be our example.

What a mighty, mysterious God.

Here's the kicker...

He wants us to be just like Him!


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Rodney Olsen said...

Darn. Just when I'd managed to bring my daily blog reading back to a more managable level, I find your blog. There goes a few more minutes each day.

Great post by the way.

I'll be back. :)