Sep 7, 2005

insights about Katrina

So I reluctantly started this blog and I'm supposed to write stuff. And since everyone is supposed to have an original thought on timely events (so that people will think you're profound and comment), this is the best I can come up with on Hurricane Katrina.

What's with the whole celebrity thing? I mean, why is it that whenever there's an international issue with AIDS we need Bono to tell us what to do? Or when there's a shortage of people working against poverty, we need Brad Pitt and the guy from ER to inspire us? Are celebrities the only natural resource we have without limit?

So why do we need a benefit of stars (or people who didn't have a gig that weekend) to tell us to give money? I'm thinking, "Gee, Diddy... if you didn't 'pimp your ride' last month you might have had a convenient 2 million dollars to throw into the hat."

Why is it everytime there's a major crisis we look to the latest American idols to set the pace? Shouldn't the Church - YOU AND I + GOD - set the pace for the world?

Anyway... that's all I have to say about that.

Epilogue: During prayer time tonight with my oldest son…

  • Me: Hey buddy… I want us to pray for some people who got hurt.
  • Joshua: Who are they?
  • Me: They live in our country and are people just like us. A lot of them got hurt and we need to pray for them.
  • Joshua: Okay! How about if we send them some band-aids?
  • Me: That’s a good idea. Mommy and I have been praying about how to help.
  • Joshua: Yeah! We can send them some band-aids. That will help them.

Dear Lord… my son is living out his faith better than I am. I have been praying for the victims and Your church, but I haven't yet sent a band-aid. Give us wisdom on how to do this... help us to unite as we do.
- T.


Jessie Blanchard said...

Hey, sweet blog! Hope everyhting has been going good for you! Have you figured out the success of the Olsen twins yet? Me either. that's just crazy. Anyway, ttyl :)

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