Mar 18, 2015

what my family talks about at night

Me: (randomly) "Xanadu"

Son: "Xanadu?"

Me: "Yes, Xanadu."

Son: "What's that?"

Wife: "The seventies. It's a movie from the seventies."

Son: "It's a movie?"

Wife: "Don't show him any clips."

Me: (to son) "I wouldn't do that to you, especially before you go to sleep. It'll mess with your dreams."

Son: "What is it exactly?"

Me: "Okay... ready?"

Son: "Yeah."

Son: "Musical... PLUS roller skating... PLUS Greek mythology... PLUS... old-school tap dancing."

Son: (laughs hard) "Any afros in there?"

Me: "There's probably an afro in there."


this is what my family talks about at night.


we pray with and for each other.

(Thought I should throw that in there, too.)

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