Jul 31, 2012

book review: 21 Day Dad's Challenge

I've been sorting through some great books lately. One of them is the 21 Day Dad's Challenge, a book that reminds fathers that we can't let life get in the way of being intentional in our parenting. Contributors include Tony Dungy, Chip Ingram, Josh McDowell, Randy Alcorn, Carey Casey, Jim Daly, and more.

A handful of thoughts:
  • The 21 day challenge is "do-able." It involves a short reading each day, including a challenge at the end of each chapter.
  • The tone of the book is motivational and not condemning. Most dads know they fall short - this one paints a picture of what they're capable of.
  • An assortment of QR codes make it possible to scan content as you read and watch complementary videos.
  • Everything is based on biblical principles that release a clearer common sense in how one parents. For that reason even non-Christian dads will get a lot out of this.
  • The book is best read in community, such as a men's group where guys can hold each other accountable.
I'd also add that moms can get a lot out of this material, too, but it does feel distinctly written to men. Snag a copy and rock a kid's world - I got mine through the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review.

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