Dec 9, 2011

an open letter to my facebook friends

So after a week off Facebook (on vacation), I've concluded a handful of things. Here is an open letter to my online friends:

1) If we're friends, let's hang out. In real life... not merely electronically. I mean this, whether we live close by or occasionally make it into each other's geography. Let me know if you're interested.

2) If we once were friends and something happened, can we sit down and work it out instead of playing some sort of evasive game with half-smiles? My "door" is always open and my heart is to reconcile - which leaves the ball in your court. Be of courage, and not cowardice on this.

3) If we're not friends and I am merely a number on your growing network so you can network your network into a network of networks, drop me.

4) If you're being a jerk and don't see it or don't care to, I will be that guy who will show you. For the context of this statement, consider that I just cycled through a week's worth of posts to see what I missed on FB. Wow... we should all do this on our own posts - what many of us consider to be fun ribbing or harmless venting comes off as destructive. So whether you're grumbling about people, politics or whatever, if we're friends I will hear you out and likewise encourage you to pay attention to your patterns even if no one else will - please do the same for me.

5) If we have some sort of relationship, I will be inviting you to experience Christmas unlike ever before... be it joining us at Connection Church this month or you finding your own home church. Jesus Christ is more than a baby in a manger... He is your Savior, and if you've settled for spirituality or mere religious traditions, you are missing out. Because I care about you, I will be as authentic as I can in inviting you and challenging you to not miss out.

6) If you made it this far, reread #1.

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