Nov 3, 2011

me at the mall tonight with the kids

It's always interesting when I get to the mall with the kids. Within moments of walking in the door, we were almost run over by a train that randomly drives around the mall. My oldest son turned to me and asked, "Did we just become a part of a Bugs Bunny cartoon?"

Pretty good one-liner... made me laugh out loud. Here are a few of mine that popped out of me throughout the night:


Kiosk Salesperson #1: "Excuse me, sir?" (as I'm walking along) "What phone do you use?" (she's obviously trying to get me to tell her the wrong answer because she's selling the right answer)

Me: "The one in my pocket." (I keep walking)


Kiosk Salesperson #2: "Hey there! Didn't you guys just walk by?" (I had to double back to look for my daughter's shoe)

Me: "Yes. God is running out of extras. We're pulling a double shift for you tonight."


Food court vendors:

#1: Free chicken on a toothpick?

#2: Free chicken on a toothpick?

#3: Free chicken on a toothpick?

#4: Free chicken sandwich on a toothpick?

#5: Free frozen yogurt sample?

Me: Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure.

By the way, this yogurt place blasts techno music mixed with 80's songs while you pick from among a couple dozen flavors that you pump out yourself. Pretty cool sample.

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