Sep 16, 2011

three days in denver

For three days this week I enjoyed hanging out in Denver, Colorado with the good folks at Group Publishing and Simply Youth Ministry. I kept a running log of my adventures through some strategic pictures. Here's a quick glimpse at my trip.


The phrase "LIVE ANIMALS" is never a good thing to see in the overhead bin of your airplane.

Something I don't imagine I will ever do in my life: The airport shoe shine.

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief when you realize your luggage isn't lost.

I was told to bring sunglasses because Denver is bright everywhere. You be the judge... but just so you know, this is a picture of a closet inside a basement, under a mountain.

Apparently this guy used to be in the cast for Spiderman on Broadway.

Simply breathtaking landscape.

I determined not to be the first one to grab a nametag.

Free snacks - I truly enjoyed the yogurt pretzels.

Thom & Joani Shultz - two people who changed the landscape of youth ministry.

Standing behind Shane and Shane as they lead backyard worship.

Another view, behind Andy Brazelton and Jon Acuff. (pic by Tim Schmoyer)


When you wake up and have unlimited access to bacon, it's going to be a fun day.

Morning worship. Good times. Great perspective.

Box lunches? Where are we going?

Our outdoor lunch location... and a prayer walk that Rick Lawrence put together.

Rocky mountain high. Wait... oh... NOW I more clearly understand the career of John Denver.

Seriously, this food was amazing. I can't believe how well they took care of us.

Hanging out at Thom and Joani Shultz's house for some tasty desserts.


The infamous talking moose at Group Publishing.

Yes, we actually were there for a purpose... to breathe in and breathe out whatever God was sifting in us, and fold it into the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in March 2012.

There was no shortage of savory cookies.

This chair proves that creative people walk this earth. Is it a desk? Useful for disciplining kids? An art major's ottoman?

See ya, Group! Thanks for your incredible heart for God and His Church!

Security check, anyone?

Somehow I not only scored the exit row, but I was blessed to have it all to myself. Ask me sometime about the people I sat next to on the flight to Denver (it was like a Seinfeld episode). But for now, I'll end on this high note.

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