Jan 1, 2011

winding up 2010

On the last day of the year and the first day of the new year, we all seem to reflect on who we've been, who we could be, and where we are now.

For me, 2010 meant taking some uncomfortable steps forward with God that were amazingly well worth it; I got to see my wife become even more beautiful than ever before, inside and out; Joshua became courageous in new ways; Daniel boldly embodied a new streak of generosity in his spirit; Johanna showed us her otherwise beautifully hidden face on July 28, and hasn't stop smiling since.

And then there are you... my "people" - my "family" - my friends, neighbors, and Connection Church family. I love how we've checked each others blind spots and not simply gone the route of the rest of the world to "just be happy," "do what we want without being judged," and all the other bumper sticker ideas that hold more air than substance. We sometimes get distracted by these things, but we have each other to give gentle nudges toward a much thicker and eternal direction.

I can't think of a better representation to all of this than my amazing church community. Connection Church. Without a doubt, we are some of the most imperfect people who somehow together found this perfect 3-D trajectory with Jesus Christ that is more real than anything else in the 2-D world. Yet both of those worlds merge together - you were cheering on my kids when I was dripping with tears during their baptism; I find encouragement every week when I try to write something fresh for the newspaper; we decided the world on the other side of the globe mattered when we sacrificed for Kenya and Haiti together; you roll up your sleeves to feed the poor; you believe that love - the greatest Love of all, that is, God's Love - can truly change the world and are letting that out of you.

2010 was the year we all put our arms around each other, and knelt down to seek something bigger and more authentic than the next thrill or our old way of doing things.

I can't think of a better way to enter into 2011. Happy New Year!

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