Dec 2, 2010

blogging about my boy

Today I was blessed to spend a portion of the day with my son Daniel, who not only turned 7 today but had a blast doing it.

After waking him up with a family chorus of "Happy Birthday," he came downstairs (beautifully decorated by my lovely wife Katie) where we cranked the Beatles' "Birthday" song (sing along: and danced around.

Next up, a donut with a candle - because he's not a fan of cake icing. And, of course, even more singing.

Next up - present time!  Joshua shared a gift he'd bought for his little brother, and we shared ours with Daniel as well.

He even got a nice present from his grandparents.

Armed with Little Debbie snacks for his class, it was off to school. Later on I had the chance to have lunch with him and his buddy Dylan.

We ended the night doing our Karate class together - and while this little guy can drive me crazy sometimes, I just want to say that I love that kid.. It may have been a stretch in my schedule to spend some extended time with him today, yet I was so thankful I did.

Happy 7th birthday buddy. Daddy loves you.

Although I guess now it's "Dad."

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