Oct 16, 2010

the sweetest days (every day)

Back in the day, I used to drive hours and hours to see my girlfriend who was at college. Our time was limited, as I stayed with some buddies in a campus apartment and she was in a dorm with a curfew. Once, though, I tried to maximize our Saturday which happened to fall on Sweetest Day by ordering a pizza.

I know... may not sound too romantic. Except I'd prearranged the pepperoni to appear in the shape of a heart.

Yep... classy romance on a budget.

Today that same girlfriend - now my bride - surprised me with a pizza night. And as you may imagine, the trend continues.

I'm not one to fall for Hallmark holidays, but I am one for enjoying, savoring and investing into the things that really matter. Right after God, my wife is next.

Happy Sweetest Day, babe... a.k.a. "every day."

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