Oct 1, 2010

reflecting on a reflection of my birthday

So... my birthday was this week. And normally I spend a moment or two reflecting on it.  At times I even log my day, which I could easily do here - from the special breakfast and singing I woke up to, the lunch I enjoyed at B.D.'s Mongolian BBQ with my ladies, or the big lasagna dinner I was treated to.  Then there are the presents - my favorite candy from my youngest son; new clothes from my wife and daughter; or the gift my oldest song bought with his own allowance to replace something of mine he had a responsibility in accidentally breaking a couple weeks ago.

Rather than itemize all of that and write a paragraph about each one, I'd rather focus on this picture. As you can tell, everyone is looking at the camera that my lovely wife is holding. We're all smiles, too, as if that moment is truly one of the best moments of our lives.  I couldn't agree more... and each candle on the cake reminds me of the gift that my kids are to me.  In hindsight I should have asked to throw one more on there to represent Katie, but again - the smiles on all our faces and absolutely content spirits capture the honesty of our relationship with each other.

I know that many household don't get to enjoy this - sometimes people pass by each other in the house like co-workers versus family. So other than building our marriage and home on God, I'm not sure what Katie and I have done "right" to somehow end up here - with this picture.  A piece of that has involved getting beaten down by life and realizing what's important... but another piece, I think, has been savoring each other and what Jesus Christ has blessed our life with.

So I'm going to praise God for another year of life... and pray that the joy contained in this rectangle only amplifies with age.

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