Aug 12, 2010

looking up at the lights above

I know these pictures are a bit blurry and odd looking, but it comes from just an hour ago as my boys and I were on the trampoline looking up at the night sky. We caught a few instances of the meteor shower tonight... lots of fun, and great memories.

At the end I said, "Hey I have my camera phone with me - let me snap a picture of us."

Joshua asked, "Dad, it's too dark."

"No worries - I have a flash on my camera," I added.

This is the first one I tried to take - and it's incredibly blurry because as soon as the flash hit our faces we all winced (including my hand, which shook while holding the camera - hence the blur).

We all laughed hard... which of course led to, "Again! Again!"

This time we prepared ourselves... I even managed to hold the camera still.

Again - uncontrollable pain.  Again - uncontrollable laughter.

All of us chanted: "AGAIN!  AGAIN!!  AGAIN!!!"

"Okay, here we go - one more time," I said.

As you can tell, the "winner" is Daniel (on the left) who after the picture with the biggest smile yelled out, "I survived! I SURVIVED!"


flyawaynet said...

LOL I had to pop up to comment on this because we did the exact same thing camping one night. That flash is SO intense it's crazy. But at the same time, our eyes are closed but there are few pictures that show us all laughing as hard as those tortuous pictures under the blinding light.

Tony Myles said...

That's awesome! No doubt... the picture is a memory, but the memory of that memory is even stronger. Fun times.

Scrammy said...

I just applaud your humility in posting your face in that contortion.

Yay for great times!!!