Jul 19, 2010

conversations with my kids: video games

Joshua: "There are only two people I know who are better than me at video games."

Me: "Like me?"

Joshua: "No."

Me: (inside my head - "Listen, buster... I'm the one who gets you past levels you can't conquer.  And for that matter, I played PONG on a controller that only twisted left or right... and you couldn't hit pause when mom called you to dinner!  You had to line it up with your brother to bounce back and forth and pray you finished eating before he did so you could run downstairs and get the point before him.")

Me: (out loud) "Ah."

Daniel (interrupting): "Dad, I'll let you win the next time you play me."

Joshua: "Anyway, I think that Mark and Brandon are like ultimate pros at video games."

By the way... those are two neighbor boys around their age.

By the way... I love my family.

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