Jun 24, 2010

perspective about your perspective

Consider this story about a shipwreck.

When the sole survivor reached a small, uninhabited island, he prayed for God to rescue him, but help didn't come as he asked. Eventually he built a hut out of driftwood for protection from the elements.

Days passed, then one day he returned from scavenging for food and found his hut in flames, the smoke rising into the sky. Angrily he cried,

"God, how could You do this to me?" In exhaustion, he fell to the ground and collapsed into sleep.

The next morning he was awakened by rescuers.

"How did you know I was here?" he asked.

"We saw your smoke signal," they replied.


Anonymous said...

Good story. Yet, my shack has been burning quite a while and I've yet to see the rescuers.

Tony Myles said...

I don't mean to comment on your comment, as if I have anything adequate to say back, because it's obviously filled with emotion that is unique to your life and situation.

But having experienced my own lion's share of waiting, I can tell you that the above story's promise is absolutely true... yet very unpredictable and unscientific.

Most people demand something else... something much more tidier and predictable.

Been there, prayed that.

What I've found is the waiting actually authenticates the journey. For only in fiction does the hero show up within the allotted two hours of the movie.

With true Rescue, there are no transitions and fades that speed up the scenes... which makes the Rescue that much more sweet upon a bitter tongue when it finally comes.

And one day... it will come.

My God shall supply all my needs... according to HIS riches and glory.

Not mine.

Nonetheless, I'm praying your boat comes soon in whatever way it honors God.