May 15, 2010

in case it's prom night...

Hey parents! It's prom night for many teens... and while it's common to let them do their thing, I want to encourage you to still parent them through it.

In other words, don't let it become a "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" night.

You're still their mom and dad, and your kids may need some extra space tonight... or they may need some extra accountability.

You'll know which one it is.  But either way, don't sever the link.  If they're under your household, then they're "under your household."

So I write this to simply encourage you to be sure that you don't take your hands off the wheel.  You probably won't - but I've seen it happen, and after years of working with students and seeing plenty of mistakes that are made on a night like tonight - "because it's prom" - I hope you receive this encouragement and not reject it.

Thanks!  Praying your kid has an amazing night in the healthiest way possible.

And be sure to post all the cool pics online. :)

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