May 27, 2010

a few insghtful good-bye videos for L O S T fans

While many non-LOST fans are growing weary of this, I am enjoying the dialogue with the true fans. :)

Did you know, for instance, that there will be 12-14 minutes more material on the DVD that focuses on Hurley and Ben?

So for all those who have felt invested into the show, check out this video I found... I only wish I had the time to make it myself.

Here's another, which is a bit more tongue in cheek.

And then finally, some of the answers you've hoped for... including the name of the "man in black."


stephanie said...

The top video is beautiful... thanks for finding and sharing.

Would still love to know what your theory was.

Tony Myles said...

My theory? I shared it in the last post: