Apr 25, 2010

grandpa george gets the shaft

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is on right now, and I am again reminded how much Charlie gives Grandpa George the shaft.

You probably recall the moment when Charlie comes running in to tell his family that he found the last golden ticket to visit the infamous chocolate factory.  Quickly, he invites Grandpa Joe to be his guest family member at the big visit.

Grandpa Joe gets out of the creepy four-person bed, citing that it's the first time he's done so "in twenty years."

Okay... do you realize what that says about how many bedpans Charlie's mom has been taking care of this whole time?  And then Grandpa Joe hops up and does a little dance around the room... as if to rub it in  Charlie's mom has to be thinking, "I can't believe you could have gotten up to use an actual bathroom this whole time, you faker!"

But the real person who gets the shaft?  Grandpa George.

He's still in bed, staring up at all the action in pure disbelief.

Grandpa George's face says it all: "Uh...kid? You know, I'm sitting right here. Thanks. Way to make me feel like cardboard scenery."

Notice that he doesn't speak at all in this scene, but simply gazes with his mouth wide open.  You would, too.


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