Feb 10, 2010

not feeling lost about L O S T

As I said before, I'm quite giddy about feeling like I have the story arc of this season of L O S T (and the series, for that matter) figured out. So to prove it later on, I've written my theory down as well as phoned it into a popular L O S T podcast hotline.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone I know, though, so I won't be posting it online. But if it plays out like I think it's going to play out, the way the writers have already begun (especially with the "flash sideways" we've been seeing in each episode) will make this one of the smartest ways of writing a final season in the history of television.

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Becky Durham said...

I love LOST. It's the best show ever. I'm not confused (I think the people who are confused are the ones who have skipped episodes), but I'm not sure I have the ending figured out yet.