Nov 1, 2009

nywc: 2009

So I'm in Cincinatti, ready to hang with some great friends, grow in some great ways, serve behind the scenes, and nurture youth workers forward in their faith. It's an amazing thing to be an environment of thousands of people who work with teens, tweens, and everyone in between. And while I missed out on half of the conference to spend time with the kiddos for Halloween, it was well worth it.
Which means now I'm engaged in 48 hours of being a sponge and wringing it out. Thankfully, my family didn't send me alone. Aside from some great people from our church, I have a couple of friends to keep me company.

I'll be sharing at, and you can track more here:

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Anonymous said...

I typed into Google "NYWC 2009 audio" (looking to download some sessions) and THIS WAS THE FIRST SITE IT TOOK ME TOO!

I was like, whoa! Tony!