Oct 21, 2009

thank you for the thank you

I don't know who originally thought to put nuts in brownies, but it's just wrong. They're like speedbumps to the true taste... always thinking, "Did I just eat a nut? What happened to the brownie. Oh wait, there it is. And yet... another nut."

So to the great people (Junior Teen Connection and their awesome leader Kim) who gave me a pan of brownies this week without the nuts in them, thank you.

And again, I thank you.

And once more, thank you.

Thanks for remembering me and for encouraging me as I attempt to do the same.


Kansas Bob said...

Gotta disagree Tony.. nuts and brownies were made for each other.. but I am kind of a nut myself :)

Kansas Bob said...

Hey how did you get that list of favorite posts in your sidebar? Did you use a widget? Thx!

Tony Myles said...

Good old fashioned HTML editing.

Thanks for the comments. Always a pleasure!