Sep 19, 2009

ten things a husband needs

I found this online and thought the bullet points could be used for reflection and conversation.

Husbands have specific needs, but what exactly are they? We’ve boiled them down to a top ten list to encourage you to be become a more understanding wife and move forward in your relationship together.

Introduction: Giving Him What He Wants
It’s not as simple as it seems.

Tip One: To show you he’s strong and capable
Beneath the surface, men wonder if they have what it takes. When men compete, they’re often captured by the challenge to prove themselves.

Tip Two: To Dream With You
Is there something your husband always longed to do when you were first married, but he’s stopped mentioning it now that you’re busy with daily life?

Tip Three: To Share His Interests With You
It’s easy for the pressures of life to crowd out the fun. Take the things your spouse likes to do and find ways to make them enjoyable for both of you.

Tip Four: To Love You As Best He Can
Many women compare their friendships with men's. Watch men interact with each other before you conclude they avoid close relationships.

Tip Five: To Be Respected And Admired
Men desire to be respected and admired from the women they love. Become an expert on your spouse and learn to praise his strengths.

Tip Six: To Communicate And Be Close To You
Most men want intimacy with their wives—and not just sexually. Men want to understand your rules but are confused when they seem unclear.

Tip Seven: To Find Purpose And Significance
God created us with a deep desire for meaning and significance. Learn how to encourage your husband.

Tip Eight: To Hear Your Gratitude
Many women hold back sincere affirmations. Know that your positive words will pave the way for your husband to do the same.

Tip Nine: To Know You’re On His Side
You and your husband are a lifelong team. When your husband has a problem, it’s your problem, too. A husband longs to know he’s not alone.

Tip Ten: To Have Sex…And Plenty Of It!
Physical intimacy can be a barometer for your relationship. Your husband may see your physical intimacy as a signal that he’s doing fine at home.

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