Sep 3, 2009

a quick update for windows users

You’ve installed the fancy new Windows Desktop Search. You can find things fast and easy on your computer. You’ve got that nice little “Search Desktop” thingie next to your system tray. All is well. But there are some things Desktop Search doesn’t index. There are some things you don’t want Desktop Search to index.

If you are using a variation of an Apple product, yes... yes... we all know you're cooler than us Windows users.

(okay, Windows users... I think they're gone, patting themselves on the back)

Many of you may have been dealing with an update to your computer that drives you a bit crazy. Every time you open My Documents or Windows Explorer and type “ctrl-f,” a new app called Windows Search begs to search for you. It's a bit tedious, especially if you got into the habit of using the old features. So you have to scroll down to where it says “This folder is not indexed. To search this directory please use Search Companion or add this directory to your index via Options.” You click on “Search Companion” and all is well again.

Here is how to disable Windows Search (courtesy of John’s Adventures):

Simply open RegEdit (hit Start > Run then type ‘regedit’). Go to the following node:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Desktop Search\DS

Then double-click on ‘ShowStartSearchBand’ and set the value to ‘0′. Close that and you’re done, the next time you click ‘Search’ in explorer, the old, reliable search companion will appear. This applies to operating systems before Windows Vista.

I can make a few obvious spiritual comparisons here... but honestly... I just wanted to share that, hoping I've made someone's life a little easier.

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